Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Buzz August 29 2010

What Charlene wore was a great scene of spur-of-the-moment fashion decisions! I love it when suddenly, something better out of an already bright idea happens!

You see, she was supposed to wear a leather catsuit dress with slashes on the bodice. Then came fitting day. Her arms won't slide it the sleeves so Rajo asked the tailor to remove the sleeves first. When Charlene slipped in the now sleeveless dress, Rajo decided to see if her arms can now fit in the sleeves - naturally, it still won't. But what we saw made us all realize that we should keep the look. Lo and behold!

Sexified Ms. Universe look! Everyone loved it! The shoes (Blumarine, baby! Only the people who know would wear Blumarine!) and OroCher stud diamond earrings showed the idea of an effortless juxtaposition - fierce to glamorous.


That particular Sunday was special. I had the chance to get a photo op with the woman of the hour, Maria Venus Raj, 22, Philippines!


and my young designer friends Martin Bautista and Veejay Floresca plus their friend, a super kadooper beauty pageant walking brittanica got interviewed live for the show!


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