Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's route

I returned items to Cosmopolitan Clothing and Firma - two of my favorite local accessories brands to pullout from. Ms. Anne, (fun fact: John Paras' mom) the owner of the former, gave me this cute cuff:

spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the clothes I used for my shoots/gigs then had a regroup with Pam, Martin and Patrick regarding another exciting project which will involve my friends Arbie and Kar, who were also present during the super fun dinner!

I didn't get to get a snapshot of everyone's outfit but I managed to 'steal' what Pam's feet has on. Debut! I always thought that out of all the shoes pam has, the Givenchy zebra-print is my one and only favorite, but here comes another - it's Alaia, and I'm super loving how she rocks it!

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's amazing how fate works the funniest ways. I once posted in twitter one of my guiltiest-pleasure-of-wish that 'I would someday want to be a stylist for Melai of PBB' but not so long after, I met her for a cover shoot, though I wasn't the one who styled her (my good friend, and the reason I got into this shoot, Kate Paras did), I had the chance of dressing up Jason (Melai's ka-love team!!!) and Gerald Anderson. The experience was one hell-laugh journey towards the end. Both Melai and Jason were so funny without even trying too hard!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cosmopolitan Philippines - MAY 2010

photographer: Charles Buenconsejo
stylist: Myrrh Lao To
assisted by: Dee Sy and Arbie Ubaldo
Makeup: Angie Cruz
Hair: Geroge Aliben
Model: Lotus of Mercator

my first fashion ed's out! (for more than two weeks, already!) but because blogging can't be such an obligation to me but more of rather a celebration (lerks!) let me post some of the photos I myself retouched (but didn't translate on print! hahaha)

thank you to my friendly friends who assisted me during my shoot, Dee and Arbie. These were shot on location at the Manila Eco Park by my photoog friend Charles Buenconsejo.

I'm done shooting my eds for the June and July issue. I must say, two shoots after, I think I've developed my skills more. (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

asap xv

my first time to style a celeb for ASAP. I always assist Pam during her ASAP gigs for celebs but this time, since she's in Cebu, she made me do the job - more like a periodical exam. Big test!

I'm happy at least a lot loved her look. She was wearing a dress by Patrick Galang. Christopher Kane for Topshop booties, Firma neckpiece, Mango and Aldo bracelets.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Love got me this new pair of running shoes. It's from SALOMON, one of (if not) the best brands of outdoor shoes in the world. I seriously need to lose weight and get fit. Everyone's doing this new workout called Core Kinesis that I believe would really grip me on the sack when I would dare try so I'm giving a shot at running and badminton.

Spent 3 days and 2 nights with pam and Martin at Cebu for the Yamaha fashion show. I styled the guys who even rode this cute scooters (Yamaha Fino Fashion).

Then there's this new "IMORTAL" teleserye starring Angel and John Lloyd.

And surprise, surprise! Exactly a year ago, I was in the same Jeanne Young's studio for the Preview Bride supplement. Now I'm doing the same for yet another groundbreaking moment for the magazine. Let's all watch out for it this June!

So ayun, baklaan parin. This portrait by Roy Macam. (:

Quick update after a very long blog pause. It's been crazy the past few weeks but I'm genuinely excited for the upcoming things I'm gonna be busy with. With the campaigns and elections that have happened, a lot of the people I know have experienced stress in more ways than one. As for me, I'm keeping everything well-balanced - albeit hard.