Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to now

So what have I been doing lately?

After being confined in the hospital for three days, I can now honestly say that experiencing such moments in my life made me become more cautious with regards to my health and the environment I live in. Thank you to my family who are always there, maybe not really physically, to support me in every possible way. My friends Dee, Arbie, BG, Kar and Raymond who were there to keep me company and to those who visited and prayed for my health plus plus plus! To Koko for the love I came to genuinely realize when he had to run here and there just to make me feel that he will always be beside me. I love you all.

Chalk August issue had me as a fotog contributor plus a featured bright young manila kid. Funny sobra kasi the boys there were all sorta either hotness or insanely rich or sons of the famous! so it felt like I was misplaced! But still... But still!!!

Now with work, Pam is really the bomb. Although a TVC shoot was canceled, this week I got to work with Charlene Gonzales for a magazine and Iya & Drew for a catalog shoot. Although people had me at being jaded about celebs and personalities within a year or two, I know that when that day comes, my memories of being with these few kindhearted public figures will remind me that we should always keep our feet on the ground and learn each day.

OMG ang cheeseball na nitong entry. I haven't updated this sort of a secret blog but believe me, I have been through a lot since God knows when. I'm just praying for everything to turn out fine - as planned and for everyone to be healthy and happy.

Basta, good vibes everytime. For happiness and inner peace.